My World

In my world all drugs would be free. Anyone would be free to do anything they pleased. Clearly, if people had a problem with your actions you’d be the first to know. Acts of malice and deceit would be met in kind. Sure, innocent people would suffer, but they are already now. What’s the difference?

In my world everyone would live as they sought. You want to be a fancy, millionaire who does cocaine all day? Granted. Go live in your castle and leave the rest of us alone. You want to write a novel? Great, you don’t have to work another day in your life. Just smoke pot and stare at the screen all day. You’ve got 80 years to complete it.

I started fantasizing about what my ideal life would look life if I didn’t have to work and I realized I’m very nearly living it already. Sure, going to work everyday can suck but I actually enjoy my job and it’s teaching me useful life skills. Win-win in my book.