Day One

So I think I have royally fucked up! I didn’t bring any shade structure and now I’m roasting.  I’ve gotten sunscreen in my eye, likely already gotten sunburned and am generally miserable. At least it’s not as bad as Hawaii. But almost. I thought I could just wing it and make it happen, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I don’t really know what I can do about it though. Leaving early is not an option, at least not not one I’m willing to make. We’ll see how the week progresses. Burning Man. Aptly titled. I am the burning man.

So as Darren suggests, here’s some things to make note of for next time:

  1. SHADE!
  2. Cold Beer!
  3. Drugs

So I just took my first nap at Burning Man and it’s still the first day. I slept a few hours in the morning and who knows how long I’ve slept now. Still daytime.

I feel like I made a huge mistake. Thoughts of quitting and returning home fill my mind. And suicide. Absolutely miserable…

Decided to ask the neighbors if I could sit under their shade structure and we ended up chatting for 2 or 3 hours. The shade was amazing, but mostly the friendship was therapeutic. Looks like I’m going to make it through the first day.

Just got some new neighbors who have offered shade support. Thanks guys.

Looks like I was right and this week is going to be very challenging.

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