Day Three

So I went out last night and got drunk again. Met a bunch of cool people. Had a great conversation with a fire spinner. Helped a girl who was rolling a bit too hard on molly. Went to a rave and climbed atop and watched from the netting. Eventually went down and bobbed my head a bit. All in all, good times. A bit hungover though.

It’s still pretty early but already it feels like today is gonna be a hot one. Testing out the netting my new neighbors gave me yesterday.

My arms look noticeably weaker than I recall; I must be eating up a lot of my stored muscle. Oh well. Eating is still a no go. Tried eating a protein bar and had to put it down after one bite. Protein drinks seem to be the only thing I can keep down. And sun chips. Who doesn’t love sun chips?

It’s crazy how much this place changes once the sun goes down. It’s not unlike the bioluminescence from Avatar. I never made it to the playa the first night as I got stuck in a bar, but last night was amazing. So much art. So many people. Much colors. Such wow.

Can still feel the hangover creeping up on me. Would tell myself to be careful not to move around so much but the sun is making its way overhead so that’s a given already.

There isn’t really any breeze right now. Wonder if that’s why it feels so hot. I actually ended putting on a shirt at one point last night. It wasn’t that cold but it was getting near “cold.” I made multiple stops back at camp to resupply on water and redbull.

I hope Chloe is alright. She was tripping hard on molly and in that state you are basically roofied. I had a strong desire to fuck her but chose against it as it felt almost like cheating. But after I left her I couldn’t get her off my mind and started worrying. What if someone else takes advantage of her? I was keeping an eye out for her for about 30 minutes, helping her try and set up some amps at the jam camp. Probably would have been cool if we ever figured it out. Her incessant apologies made me smile. So that’s what it’s like when I’m on that stuff.

Anyway, I actually ended up finding her again after I left and found a bathroom and it seemed like some dude was taking good care of her. Once I saw how they were interacting I felt better about leaving her alone. But still, I hope she’s alright.

There’s a weird phenomenon going on: chicks love looking at me but when I approach they back off. I wonder if I’m taking too long to approach. Maybe there’s a timer counting down or something.

I miss my gym. I miss my friends. I miss my shower. I miss my A/C. But it’s worth it to be here now.

The wind still hasn’t picked up at all. Day is half over though. Sun is almost directly overhead. Eating still makes me sick. At least I can keep applesauce and gatorade down.

A bit surprised how well it’s going considering my complete and utter failure to prepare properly. Wrong food. Check. No shade. Check. Wrong attire. Check. About the only thing I did right was the water.

Wish I could sleep.

I went out wandering in the middle of the heat as it was worse sitting in my tent. But holy shit!!! I just met some of the most amazing people ever. I was getting lost and circling the same area when I stopped under a shaded structure for a rest. I ended up staying for hours having some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Sober, anyway.

There was a topless lady inviting me to do some Acro Yoga. I thought she was saying Aggro Yoga so was at a complete loss as to what she was saying. I said fuck it and accepted her offer.

We ended up having partners taking turn raising each other up on their legs and their other flying from their hips. There were many complicated movements that I had never seen before (actually, all of it) and at one point a guy was literally twirling another girl in circles and other shit. It was insane.

After that we did some stretches before going into a connection program. Basically, dance lessons, at least as far as learning to push and pull people.

After that we had people fall in the middle of a group and the others would push them back up. Afterwards we did a group massage.

And the whole time this amazing person was nothing but joy and sunshine. I don’t know about love at first sight and all that but I’ve never been sure about anything. But damn. I’m literally struggling to find words to describe her and I know it’s cliche to say her beauty lacks proper description but there it is just the same.

Her name is Emily.

Anyway, she said they have a lot of acro yoga people near center camp from 12pm – 3pm. I would very much enjoy seeing her again.

There is rain off in the distance. Should be interesting?

Doesn’t look like the rain is going to come after all. It drizzled a little but that’s all.

So I’ve been killing time, waiting for the sun to set so that I can set out myself.


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