2 Years

So I just crossed the 2 year mark on my fitness journey and wanted to log some of my progress.

When I first started I quite literally couldn’t do shit. I started from the bottom in every category, save one: weight. I started off underweight which gave me a slight advantage. It meant that every “gain” I made would translate to increased muscle growth rather than simply fat loss. It also helped with bodyweight movements such as pullups, pushups, box jumps, running, etc.

But I still had to do all the work to get to where I am today. I was looking over my numbers and it’s fucking incredible to see how far along I’ve come.

For example, last year when we were doing the Wendler cycle for Deadlifts my 75/85/95 percents¬† were 165, 185, and 210. A year later and they’re at 215, 245, and 270, and even those numbers are now outdated. We’re going to be going for our one-rep maxes in a few weeks and the software has me projected at 315. I haven’t broken 300 pounds in any movement yet so I’m pretty excited about that.

My back squat is coming along too. It’s got me projected at 260 or so, and I have a feeling I might even be able to get more than that next time I attempt it.

Progress was slow at the start, but I had a lot of mental sharpening taking place. I’d often give up well before my limit because I thought it was too tough. The key here is “thought.” I’ve realized that more than anything else, your mental attitude is what determines your overall strength. If you don’t believe you can lift a certain weight you probably won’t. You’ve got to have total conviction in your ability to maximize your success.