The Dark Tower

So I just finished reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King tonight. I’ve spent the last year reading them (with other books interspersed) so it’s been quite a long journey. I spoiled the ending before reading the first book so I’ve been anticipating a certain sequence for the last year now. You’d think knowing how a book ends before starting it would diminish the enjoyment, yet it seemed to have the opposite effect. I knew what happened, but now I was going to see how.

Anyway, now it’s over and I’m not quite sure what to do. Reading has been pretty much my only goal as late. Sometimes I focus on music, sometimes on games, but lately I’ve only cared for reading. Or at least reading at work. When I’m at home there’s many things I’d rather do than read, but since I get so much free time at work reading seems to be the best way to utilize that time. I literally get paid to read, and that feels fucking fantastic. If I just spent all my time on my phone I’d feel like I’m stuck in a dead-end job, but if I use that time to read it feels like a dream job. Well, almost. A dream entry job, let’s say.

My dream job of course is to be self employed. Maybe I’ll finish a book one day and that will pay the bills. Or record an album or two. Who knows. But something like that would be ideal. For now though I get to educate and entertain myself however I wish and I get rewarded for it. Seems good to me.