Fear Inoculum

So the new TOOL album leaked just after midnight Sunday morning. Some guy posted on reddit that he had access to it at work and was thinking about stealing it and uploading it for everyone.

Of course, everyone encouraged him to do so – what do they have to lose?

I was of course on the side of leaking it. I’ve already preordered my album. I’m going to see them live. Likely will buy a new shirt or two. Point is, they’ll get my money.

But sometimes it’s not about money.

After listening to this album nearly a dozen times I realized that maybe it would have been better to wait. If for no reason other than respect.

I never cared about what TOOL wanted. I didn’t even think about it. I simply had to opportunity to take and I did. No second thoughts. No guilt. Well, until I smoked for the first time in 15 months and rocked out to their album. Then I felt differently.

I used to do a lot of psychedelics. One of the side effects of pot is it seems to mimic the other stuff you’ve done. So if you do a lot of acid, your weed high is going to change. Not necessarily for the better.

I tripped out and heard their album in a completely different way. I could see it from their perspective (or my approximation of whatever that is). And it hit me that maybe letting the hype build and build until everyone got to hear it at once might have been ideal. Sure, everyone who’s already heard it likely loves it. But I imagine the overall effect would have been greatly increased had we all waited.

But whatever. It’s all said and done. The important part is – is it good? And it is. Thank god. I can’t imagine trying to make a record after being dormant for 13 years and it coming out terribly. That’d be awful.

I’m probably not going to smoke again any time soon, but I’m glad I did. Pot does something amazing when used to meditate with music. It has other uses but that’s my favorite. I heard the album in a way I don’t think I could have otherwise. And I greatly appreciate what they’ve done. It’s a masterpiece and I hope it’s not their last.

But if it is, I’m grateful.

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