Magic: The Gathering

So I just started playing MTGA, their online component similar to Hearthstone. I started playing Hearthstone in its beta form back in January of 2014 and now I’m playing MTGA while it’s still in beta. I’ve noticed that for some reason when I begin playing a game before its proper release I tend to stick with it longer. For example I started playing Counter-Strike when it was still only a mod and in beta. I ended up playing that for like 8 years or something absurd. I took a year off of Hearthstone but have generally played it every day. I’m a casual player these days but for the first 2 years or more I played it for hours and hours every day. I started off as a terrible player and slowly became an adequate player. I remember placing top 3 in a 256 player tournament and actually earning real money for it. I’ve only ever gotten up to top 250 legend or so which isn’t exactly that great but it’s still better than thousands and thousands of others. I’m starting Magic at a similar point. I’m terrible and lose the majority of my matches but I can see myself flourishing if given the proper time investment. Strategic analytical games are my forte it seems. And it is highly rewarding when you win against a competent opponent.

Magic is significantly more complex than Hearthstone and the game has been around for 25 years. There are millions of players, maybe tens of millions. So I’m starting off way behind. But I feel that my experience with Hearthstone is not in vain as some of the principles carry over. But since I was able to achieve competency in that game it gives me hope that I can do the same here.

Time will tell.