Real power doesn’t come from the material world.

Look at Bruce Lee, he’s arguably more powerful today than he was when he was alive.  In matter of influence, he still reigns king.

That’s power.

The money in your bank ain’t worth shit.

Chester from Linkin Park now commands a mighty army.  His death brought back fans who had long forgotten him. Now that we know how his story ended we can finally see it for the first time.

His words have new meaning.

And power.


What if?

What if the universe is just a grand experiment?

I was raised to believe that not only were we here for a purpose, but that a distant being created us to perform this purpose.  This core belief has been with me since childhood and has brought me both great reward and great sorrow.

But it just dawned on me that this belief could be wrong. Maybe there’s no reason to our existence at all.  I’ve known this intellectually yet never grasped it emotionally.

So what does that mean if there’s absolutely no reason for ANY of this? That you are entirely in charge of your destiny.  No matter good or ill come your way, if you don’t steer the ship you won’t get anywhere.

And yet this seems to conflict with Taoism.  Isn’t the middle way optimal? A leaf on the wind as Wash would say?

I’ve personally found that path to be successful.  The best moments of my life were when I simply allowed beauty to unfold rather than force it. Yet many an entrepreneur have pathed their way to success.

So it seems there’s an ambiguity. Maybe it’s a case of all roads leading to Rome.

But what about murderers and rapists?  Would we call those paths viable? It’s not something most like to think about, let alone discuss.

According to Sam Harris our brains know what we are going to do before we are even consciously aware of it. So are we even in control of our destinies at all?

Maybe there are no solid answers to any of this in which case it’s no wonder our world is so fucked up! But maybe it’s the fuckedupness that brings beauty to it all.

I’ve long thought that an idealized version of Heaven would be Hell for me.  Sitting around with no pain, sorrow, anticipation, fear, seems like a bland experience to me.  After an eternity of pure bliss, would it still feel like anything?  Can the air feel itself?

But if this is all an experiment, then why the fuck aren’t we all living more perfect lives?  In all of us is the ability to create more love and joy in our lives, yet we continually sabotage ourselves in order to inflict pain. Somehow we are addicted to it and completely blind to it all at once.

Nature Is Art

I find it odd how often nature’s randomness can be more beautiful than our attempts to contrive it.  Like that sentence. I spent far too long on it rather than just speaking plainly. Yet, there is merit to finding the right opening.

There is beauty everywhere we look and yet we often don’t see it at all.  I find that odd too.

Sometimes I think I’m the only one who can see this oddness.

Most seem to just accept it. “It’s just the way things are around here.”

But why?

If you keep asking why enough eventually you’ll get to a point where answers cease.  Why is that?

We can’t describe color.  “Red is… reddish?”

Or sight to a blind person.

Music to a deaf person.

These are more than just concepts that can be articulated by the brain.

They must really exist outside of us.

Or something.

My World

In my world all drugs would be free. Anyone would be free to do anything they pleased. Clearly, if people had a problem with your actions you’d be the first to know. Acts of malice and deceit would be met in kind. Sure, innocent people would suffer, but they are already now. What’s the difference?

In my world everyone would live as they sought. You want to be a fancy, millionaire who does cocaine all day? Granted. Go live in your castle and leave the rest of us alone. You want to write a novel? Great, you don’t have to work another day in your life. Just smoke pot and stare at the screen all day. You’ve got 80 years to complete it.

I started fantasizing about what my ideal life would look life if I didn’t have to work and I realized I’m very nearly living it already. Sure, going to work everyday can suck but I actually enjoy my job and it’s teaching me useful life skills. Win-win in my book.