Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks just came out after a 25 year hiatus and it is everything it should and could be.  I discovered Twin Peaks later than most (about 2 years ago) but am I fucking glad I did.  David Lynch is a mad genius and the world is a better place for his visionary wonders.  Never have I been so frightened, so befuddled, so amazed.  His work encompasses the totality of the human experience and in a way that has never been done before.  So many times a movie or show will come out and it’s good, great even.  But it’s a rehash of all the best bits of previous stuff.  It’s difficult to create something new and fresh, but Lynch has done it (again).  I cannot wait to see what is to come.

American Gods

The newly adapted series to Neil Gaimain’s American Gods just released today and it is phenomenal. It’s everything that it should be and nothing more. I’ve never seen a more faithful adaptation. But that’s not really my point with this post.

It has dawned on me that Neil Gaiman has become my absolute favorite author. I didn’t realize this until I thought back to all of the novels that I’ve read by him. You can go back and see my post where I was first reading his stuff.

It’s a bit hazy now but I believe American Gods was the first book of his that I read. The Sandman next. Then Neverwhere. Or maybe the other way round. Either way, I’ve been systematically going through his bibliography and have yet to be disappointed. He deserves all the praise he has received.

He makes it all seem so easy. He hardly uses words that you are unfamiliar with, and if so it is easily divined through context. His plots are very natural and organic. Everything has its place and feels real.

He’s a genius, basically.

I’m glad I’ve found him. Or maybe it’s he who’s found me.